Shorenstein believes its integrated investment and operations model provides a distinct ability to create, enhance and protect value.

Our employees are engaged in all aspects of real estate investment, management and development, creating a powerful combination of capital markets sophistication and operating experience. Shorenstein has been refining its vertically integrated business model for over 60 years. Our performance demonstrates the success of the model.

Our key differentiators

Vertical integration

We believe our seamlessly integrated investment and operating platform provides an differentiated ability to execute capital transactions, and to create, protect and enhance value.

Time-Tested Strategy

We have consistently managed real estate assets for over 60 years through multiple market cycles, using a disciplined approach throughout.

Innovative thinking

Our experienced management team has crafted creative transaction structures and designed and implemented innovative business plans tailored to each investment.

Asset quality

We have a long track record of improving and operating our properties to provide superior services that support the unique business needs of our tenants.

Enduring relationships

We have a history of longstanding partners, as well as a wide network of industry contacts, that win us strong on-going access to deal flow.

Strong reputation

We are widely recognized as a seasoned, reliable, and creative buyer, known for rigorous responsibility and high ethical standards.